Dear Mayor Johnson, We DECLINE Your Proposal to Silence Us

September 19, 2016


The Sacramento Coalition of Black Lives Matter Sacramento, LEAD, and ACT urges city council to pass reform now, DECLINES invitations to organize more community forums. Coalition will conduct research and consult experts on giving policing commission power.

Last Tuesday at city council, over 300 Sacramento residents representing over 20 multi-race, multi- faith organizations demanded that the city council be transparent regarding the shootings of Joseph Mann and Dazion Flenaugh and give the policing commission civilian oversight and investigative powers.

These organizations are calling on City Council to act now! In the past two years the leading organizations: Sacramento ACT, LEAD, and Black Lives Matter Sacramento have attended over 25 community forums on policing reform in Sacramento, including mayor Kevin Johnson's "Just Justice" community meetings - the first effort that recommended a policing commission with power. For these reasons the coalition has respectfully declined the mayor’s invitation to join another committee to conduct community hearings on this issue.

Our coalition plans to continue to press forward in our research on the best practices for a police commission and engage policy experts across the state. We are calling on city council to do the same and collaborate to develop an ordinance by November to give the commission power.


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