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Police Scorecard (Sacramento got an F)

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  • Lynette White
    commented 2021-06-17 07:49:52 -0700
    I am the mother of a 31yr old African american son whose been incarcerated for 2yrs in the San Luis Obispo County jail, he’s there on a criminal threat against his then wife, remind you he’s never touched the lady, my son’s bail is at 1 million dollars, every time he goes to court they just keep putting it off for months at a time , straight Racism. I need some help on who I can talk to about getting my son out of that racist place.They set his bail so high knowing he can’t get out. I really need to talk to somebody that can help me with this issue. My email is: [email protected] Please reply back to me.
  • Jasmin Hollywood
    commented 2021-02-09 23:48:34 -0800
    If a female judge of color with a bit of humanity and compassion handled my custody battle instead of judge Jill Talley- the custody of my 9 year old daughter(separated from me since age 2)would not have been awarded to a criminal. Systemic racism exists in family courts also.
  • Katy Donohoe
    commented 2020-06-04 09:58:43 -0700
    In regards to the comment from Kevin Hersman:
    The black lives matter movement is NOT some implication that black lives are the ONLY lives that matter. Its about bringing awareness to the disparity in treatment (by the law, by citizens, etc) that the black community faces, and fighting for equality. That disparity is well documented by studies and statistics. Saying all lives matter in response to black lives matter undermines the movement because it detracts from the entire point: that the black community faces these injustices at a far greater scale, and that is not an accident.
    In regards to your impression of how black persons respond to law enforcement in certain situations, I encourage you to step outside your perspective. Paint this picture for yourself:
    - Let’s say YOU are the minority
    - Let’s say YOU are the individual who is accosted by police AND citizens, without cause.
    - Let’s say YOU are the person who gets the cops called on you when you are just existing, standing there, doing nothing. But some other person thinks you look “suspicious” and that is used as probable cause to treat you like a criminal when you have engaged in no criminal activity.
    - Let’s say YOU are in the situation where when you get pulled over for a speeding ticket, the cop comes up to the car with their gun drawn telling you to put your hands on the wheel, and you have to be so slow, so careful, so mindful of every small movement as you are in a state of fear for your life over a speeding ticket.
    - Let’s say YOU were blocked from entering your apartment by an average citizen when you have committed no crime, but they are demanding evidence that you live there because in their eyes you look suspicious, you look like you don’t belong, and they inherently distrust and fear you for no reason.
    - Let’s say YOU are the person who feels compelled to record every interaction you have with people harassing you because if you don’t, society is vastly less likely to believe what you have to say.
    - Let’s say YOU deal with this all the time, throughout your life, for something you can’t change: the color of your skin.

    How long would it take before you were upset? How long would it take before that hurt you, made you angry, and made you feel marginalized? How long would it take before you said no, I will not allow myself to be subjugated, I am done with being mistreated. I doubt it would take long. I bet that like so many others, you would hit a wall where you decided to educate yourself on your rights and at least attempt to stand up for yourself.

    So when you see videos of black persons being frustrated and challenging what police officers say to them, try to look at it through that lens, that perspective. Just because you have not personally lived it does not mean its not happening to others.

    So what is this about? It’s about fighting police brutality. It’s about fighting for equality. It’s about fighting for people to recognize the problem that is present, because if you can’t acknowledge the problem, there will never be a solution.

    If you think that BLM is about this idea that black lives are the only lives that matter, you are taking the movement completely out of context. I encourage you to educate yourself.
  • Kevin Hersman
    commented 2019-10-23 13:54:48 -0700
    So are you about rights and fairness or only your opinions

    I am made a comment based on a video I saw and only by video
    I believed the kid and the cops could have made this a lot easier but neither did then you stop me from comments

    So again is this about keeping cops right and all are equal or is this only about the black race
  • Jasmin Hollywood
    commented 2019-08-29 03:11:09 -0700
    I faced a gross Injustice with the Sacramento Family court system that is Notoriously known for being racist sexist and profiteering judges that lax oversight of child welfare. Only in White AmeriKKKa would they remove a young girl from a loving caring mother to give to the corrupt White man& his dad (the biggest criminals ever-despite Child Endangerment charges/substantial child abuse allegations of child abuse including sexual abuse allegations from CPS) because of white privilege and money. They are known to work against minorities,women of color(such as myself) and poor parents in favor of child molesters and alleged abusers. In 2016 Judge Peter McBrian awarded them custody despite substantial allegations & again in 2019 Judge Jill Talley re awarded them custody despite the dangerous conditions my ex put our child in. Obviously biased (in favor of mainstream White anglo saxon American men) and racist (Caucasians that won’t admit that racism exists). I fought a good battle & lost. I will never stop fighting for my daughter.
  • Christine
    followed this page 2018-07-10 19:47:07 -0700
  • Shawn Evans
    followed this page 2017-07-27 17:39:48 -0700

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