Policing Timeline - History of Policing: (PDF)

Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles: (PDF)

Police Scorecard (Sacramento got an F)

Black Gun Ownership Brochure:

Black Census:

Interrupting Intimate Partner Violence
Guide for Community Response Without Police:
Sacramento Black History 2023








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  • MeMe Worthen
    commented 2023-01-17 18:43:36 -0800
    How much danger was I presenting asking for the name and number of the manage who told me to sit down or get out because I was not getting his name. Like five men throw me to the ground for asking them to call the police after they begin to forcefully push me to the door #macygray #cresttheater
  • MeMe Worthen
    commented 2023-01-17 18:43:03 -0800
    Just attacked and thrown to the ground by several members of security at a #macygray concert because the artist was late, and I asked for the manager’s name and number to request a refund prior to leaving. And the manager took my phone and erased the videos from my phone of the encounter. Alone and black….this is not ok. #cresttheater sacramento ca
  • MeMe Worthen
    commented 2023-01-17 18:41:50 -0800
    I am sore and resting, have been on with Sac PD, trying to secure both civil and personal representation while managing both physical and mental soreness. A night of solo self-care, remembering how to take myself on dates, ended horribly, and I will not rest until the incident has been resolved and appropriately addressed…and that does not always mean $$$. This will continue to happen until perpetrators are held personally accountable, and that is my end goal. I am forever scarred by recounting four men on me attempting to put handcuffs on me while I’m trying to call the actual police. Accountability for their inappropriate actions is necessary. Praying that at some point, this madness and mishandling of black and brown persons STOP!!! For all that happened and me calling 911, I received a notice of trespassing, unacceptable. All suggestions and numbers of individuals that can help shed light on this incident are appreciated.

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