Cop Watch 101 Training - Black Lives Matter Sacramento

Cop watching is vital with any interaction you see where police are interacting with community. 

The goal isn't to catch them doing something wrong, but instead to prevent them from doing something wrong. 

Go live on your social media for more eyes, if you are unable to that then record. Share with social media and groups fighting for racial justice (like us).

Please be mindful that your actions while cop watching can make the situation worse for the person you are trying to keep safe.

Please use our submission form if you witnessed law enforcement terrorizing community. Please include the following:

  • Date and time of incident (try to make a habit of saying it in the video in case you forget)
  • Location of incident
  • Names and Badges of officers involved (if possible)
  • Law enforcement agency (SacPD? Sac Sheriff? CHP?)
  • Link to the video for us to download  - Go to to upload it and once its uploaded it will give you a sharable link << we need that

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