Reclaim MLK

Every year our city has a very popular march for the Martin Luther King Jr holiday. 
This event is co-hosted by the Sacramento Police Department, Sacramento Sheriff Department, and the California Highway Patrol.

It is also funded by companies that prey on Black people, as well as the City of Sacramento who politically, is not fixing the crisis of police murdering and abusing Black community members. 

Martin Luther King Jr was arrested over 30 times

Law enforcement targeted him and he would be marching with us if he was still here today!

So we hold an alternative march.

#ReclaimMLK, and this will be our 6th annual march.

This year will be different due to covid, but it wont be holding us back!

We are working with some other organizations on planning the most powerful car caravan through out Sacramento, to ever happen here!

Sponsor the march: [email protected]

Donate to help fund the march: CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT THE MARCH

More details to come!

Please join us!

When: Monday January 18th 2021
Where: TBA - at a place near you!
Time: 10:00am
Event Link:



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