SacPD Terrorizing Our Youth, Again!

I'm going to have to rewind a little before I tell you what happened recently...

Remember back in June of 2019 when we told you about three 13 year old boys walking to McDonalds in the middle of the morning while talking to one of their fathers on speaker phone, getting some positive words for the day, had a gun pulled out on them by Officer Verk with the Sacramento Police Department? They described it as him "having his finger on the trigger while his hands shook." They didn't actually fit the description of the folks Verk was looking for, and this was the first time any of them had been traumatized by police. 

Full Story and Video From June 21, 2019 Here

One of the boys in particular has had to have therapy. It took a long time for him to want to go outside with his friends and just do pre-teen things. He didn't want to walk anywhere, and has slowly had to heal from that...

Well guess what happened...


This same child is now 14 years old.
Finally feeling strong enough to do safe things with friends and family.

On October 10, 2020 he goes to the Delta Shores movie theater on a Saturday night with his older girl cousin and a few of his friends.

They walk toward In n Out to meet their ride home.
Officer Connor Lawrence and friends decided to harass this poor kid.

Officer Lawrence told the kid "if you know your right from your left, walk to the left" and the kid responded, "we are walking to our left."
The officer thought this was a smart remarked answer and told the kid he was under arrest. Cuffed him. Told his friends and cousin if they stayed to watch they would get arrested too.

For at least 45 minutes this boy was in the back of the officers car.
The officer didn't call in any arrest.
Instead the officer continued to terrorize this boy by saying things like "you are whats wrong with the world," and "So is it going to be fuck 12 your whole life? Aren't you tired of living like that" and this boy has never said "fuck 12" before.

The officer went on further to tell the boy that if he had ran, he would have shot him.

In the meantime the older cousin called the mom, the mom called the police department and they had no record of what was going on. Dispatch finally caught up with the officer and put the mother in touch with the pig.

Officer Lawrence, assuming that this child comes from a home where he isnt supervised, tells the mother that she shouldn't let her son run around at all hours of the night. She responded that it is Saturday night at 10pm and he should be able to go to the movies on the weekend if he wants.

They finally released the boy with a trespassing ticket, although no one is quite sure where he was trespassing.

The worst part of this all now is the added trauma.
Also what this confirms is that if you are an average 13 or 14 year old Black kid in Sacramento, not even one that hangs out in the streets, it is highly likely that you will encounter police terrorism more than once. 

Black children are not protected by or from our police. 

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