Demands for the Families Whose Children Were Terrorized By The Sacramento Police Department

Photo Credit to the Davis Vanguard
(from left) Tanya Faison of Black Lives Matter Sacramento, parents Paris Flores, Janai Johnson, Angel Totten and Roderick Totten


“Our 13-year-old son’s life was changed forever. Our boys were clueless about what they did to deserve such treatment from law enforcement (who) they thought were there to protect them. Unfortunately, the officers assume all African American teens look alike, My son was treated like a criminal…he has not been the same since,” said Angel Totten.

At 11:20am on June 21, 2019, two 13 year olds and a 14 year old were told by Officer Verk and Officer Matthew of the Sacramento Police Department to "get the fuck on the ground" while Verk's shaking hand held a gun pointing toward them. His hand was shaking and these very young boys thought he was going to shoot them on accident. 

They were being detained because of a burglary that happened 10 minutes prior but 30 minutes away walking distance. Officers said they fit the description but that wasn't the case. The burglary was done by 4 males. One was "white or hispanic" and the other three were Black. All had short hair and one of the Black males was heavy set. These three boys detained were all tiny with a lot of hair. 

Even after officers were sure that these were not the suspects, they still continued to detain and question these boys without a parent present. 

  • We demand all audio and video of the incident that took place on June 21st, 2019 at 11:20am be released publicly according to the City of Sacramento’s ordinance passed on November 29, 2016, that requires all video from police involved shootings, in-custody deaths, and complaints released within 30 days from the incident


  • We demand a public apology to the boys and that this incident goes on record with a report and the families are given a copy of that report.


  • We demand that the families and public are given all names of the officers involved in the incident.


  • We demand that the Sacramento Police Department stop terrorizing Black children and families that live in all parts of Sacramento, including Sacramento communities  that are predominately Black. Officers found to have engaged in abusive behavior towards Black people in any community they patrol should be immediately removed and barred from any further engagement in that community.


  • We demand that SacPD officers remain professional during interactions with the communities they serve and protect. Stop using abusive language and tactics toward Black children and community members. 


  • Lastly, when abuse and trauma have been inflicted by law enforcement on community members, particularly children, compensation should be provided for mental health treatment either directly funded by the Police Department or the City of Sacramento.

Press Conference with Families July 8th 2019:


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