September 2016 Police Killings of Black People: They Are Killing Us In The Street!

September was ridiculous!

Back to back to back police killings of Black folks.

As Black folks, how much can we take without having anxiety and depression. Those of us that are more oppressed feeling PTSD from being targeted regularly in the places they call home. Heavily gentrified while folks call the police, and we end up dead as a result.

There are no more safe spaces for us.


This month we had a young boy of 13 #TyreKing of Ohio, shot in his back by police who claimed he aimed a gun at them. He had a bb gun in an open carry state and was shot in his back. Which means he was running, and not pointing a gun. A 40 year old North Carolina man #KeithLamontScott was killed while reading a book in his car waiting for his child to get out of school. Another man in Oklahoma #TerenceCrutchner was called a "scary looking dude" as he complied and lay on the ground tazed. Then murdered. How much more can we take?

This month was hard. Hard doesn't even describe what it was.

All the way up until the last day of the month where a man #ReginaldThomas in Pasadena California called 911 for help because of a bipolar episode he was having, and they beat and killed him when they came out to his call for help. 


We are going to start posting the names of Black folks killed by police, by the month. #perspective



September 2016 Killings of Black folks by police.

9/2 Michael Thompson Jr 38, MO
9/3 Jerome Damon 25, NJ
9/5 Moses Ruben 36, TX
9/7 Robert Lee Brown 55, GA
9/7 Sadiq Bishara-Abaker Idris 25, MI
9/9 Gregory Frazier 55, FL
9/11 Terrence Sterling 31, DC
9/12 Markell Lamar Bivins 25, IA
9/14 Tyre King 13, OH
9/16 Nicholas Glenn 25, PA
9/17 Terrence Crutcher 40, OK
9/17 Dahir Ahmed Adán 22, MN
9/18 Phillip Hasan 61, OH
9/18 Kadeem Trotter, NY
9/20 Keith Lamont Scott 43, NC
9/20 Tawon Boyds 21, MD
9/23 Oddis Bernard Colvin Jr 32, MD
9/27 Alfred Olango 30, CA
9/28 Christopher Sowell 32, PA
9/30 Reginald Thomas 36, CA

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