The Dishonest and Unethical Behavior of SacPD and the California Peace Officers Association

In January of 2017, Mayor Steinberg demanded that all Sacramento police officers get crisis intervention training, in response to the police murder of Dazion Flenaugh and Joseph Mann.

Our dollars paid for this training and no one ensured that the CIT was carried out how it was supposed to be, per the mayors public demand.




There is a conflict of interest in an association of police, that includes Sac PD officers on the board, being the chosen facilitators of a training that was demanded because of SacPD's inability to handle folx having a mental health crisis.

As a result, the length of hours was shortened.

The time that was supposed to be spent with officers visiting a mental health facility, was eliminated.

The course only came to exist, so that the association could get the funding. 

The funding amount was higher than what was needed per the price of the course and the number of officers that were supposed to attend, as well as the fact that the hours were shortened and important parts eliminated. 

I am extremely disturbed that there was nothing in place that monitored how our money was spent.

I am disturbed that there was no one outside of the police, ensuring that these officers get the training needed to prevent another killing in our streets, of our people.

I am extremely disturbed that this city keeps allowing the police to police themselves while continuing to request for more of our money.

I am disturbed that this training was only a tiny fraction of a step toward any kind of accountability and we STILL couldn't do this one thing right,

  • SacPD threw a pregnant woman, Zityrua Abraham, on her belly, in the dirt before announcing they went into the wrong house in July 2017. 
  • SacPD was on video beating a man, Nandi Cain, for jaywalking when he wasnt even jay walking in April of 2017, and Officer Figueroa was just let loose into our streets again in November of 2017.
  • SacPD yelled obscenities toward Joseph Mann before shooting him 18 times in July of 2016.
  • SacPD triggered a mental health crisis in Dazion Flenaugh, then sent him off to be hunted down and then killed in April of 2016...then exactly a year later awarded their officers for killing him.
  • SacPD allows its officers to have pages on Facebook like SPD Underground, where they engage in racist conversations about the community it polices.


Crisis Intervention Training is most bare minimal effort that could be made, and we couldn't get it right.

Our demands:

  1. Sacramento Police Commission should be empowered to approve the process and confirm the completion of each training.
  2. Training needs to be conducted onsite with the exception of field trips, and facilitated by experts in the field of the trainings curriculum.
  3. Trainings should conclude with a test of understanding.
  4. Trainings need to be overseen and monitored by community members that have experiences relevant to the training.

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