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Black Lives Matter Sacramento

If the Trayvon Martin case defined the founding of Black Lives Matter and the Ferguson protesters exemplified what it means to be activists in the age of police impunity, then Black Lives Matter Sacramento set the standard for continuously applying pressure to a systemic institution that continues to harm black folks with the continued killing of black people at the hands of police and the blind eye our “justice” system seems to turn toward it.

Since the March killing of 22-year-old Stephon Clark by two officers from the Sacramento Police Department, Black Lives Matter Sacramento has sat outside the office of District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert three days a week, demanding that she give Clark’s family and the city of Sacramento as a whole justice.

They have attended every city council meeting, where they have been a loud, outspoken force. They showed up at a wedding event of one of the officers responsible for Clark’s death and personally shamed him for the killing of his fellow black man.

Their loud protests have made many uncomfortable and have helped prompt change within the Sacramento Police Department.

And as we have yet to hear what is going to happen to the two officers who killed Clark and have been back on the job since a month after the shooting, we need the energy of Black Lives Matter Sacramento to continue well into 2019.


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