Response To SN&R Editor's Note - January 20, 2018

Eric Johnson and SN&R, inadequately mentioned Tanya Faison and Black Lives Matter Sacramento in an their latest effort to wipe the slate of their anti-blackness. The fact of the matter is BLM Sacramento, Tanya Faison and others are putting their lives on the line, and are literally target practice for those who perpetuate institutionalized racism and anti-blackness in this town.


If Eric Johnson and SN&R would have just taken ownership for the additional trauma it continues inflicts on Sacramento's Black community, there would be no need for continued discourse.

Eric Johnson’s intentional inflection of his position as a journalist is further proof of his disingenuous position. Eric Johnson never once apologized for anything. Johnson Regretted tagging our names in a post, and stood by everything he has done. Johnson not only stood by it, but did it in a way that spoke condescendingly and unapologetically. Our meeting ended with him saying they will "probably continue to do what they have been doing."

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “sorry, not sorry?" That’s the energy and translation that was lost in your Editor’s Note. We can’t all be wrong. Eric Johnson and SN&R need to remember 2018 as a pivotal year. The fact that artist are bowing out of the Sammies and joining the current campaign to boycott SN&R, one must pause to understand there are consequences for your actions.

At the end of the day we get it, you stand by hypocritical and anti-black way. Per your words in the closing of your Editor’s Note, “As I look through the pages of the newspaper going back over the years, I believe we have done a pretty good job”." Wrong! It is proof you are not sorry and have tons of work to do.


Black Lives Matter Sacramento

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