Public Statement on the Murder of Stephon Clark

“The killing of Stephon Clark by officers of the Sacramento Police Department is another glaring example of the dehumanization of black lives by law enforcement; a state bodyguard intended to protect and serve.


Stephon’s family deserves to understand why he was first reported to have held a gun, then a crowbar, when in reality he was unarmed, and in his own backyard. They deserve to understand why he was brutally shot and killed by over 20 rounds of ammunition deployed by Terrence Mercadal and Jared Robinet.

The list of black lives unjustly taken by law enforcement continues to grow, not just in Sacramento, but nationwide. Stephon’s murder is among countless victims of abuse by local law enforcement within our community. Too many have yet to receive justice.

We stand with Stephon’s family, and demand District Attorney Schubert offer them justice by conducting a fair and transparent investigation.

We will continue to demand justice for not just Stephon, but for all lives that have been unjustly taken at the hands of law enforcement. It’s time to end state sanctioned violence against black communities and for our lives to be truly valued.”

- Tanya Faison, BLM Sacramento Chapter Founder

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