PUBLIC STATEMENT - 16 year Old with Broken Back After Sac PD Intentionally Rammed Him With a Police Car

July 23, 2018

Black Lives Matter Sacramento
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16 year Old with Broken Back After Sac PD Intentionally Rammed Him with a Police Car

Sacramento - On July 22, 2018 at around 11pm in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood on Eleanor Ave near Rio Linda Blvd. Sac PD chased down a 16 year old boy on his bike and violently hit him with a police vehicle. The officer intentionally rammed him on his bike with a vehicle, causing him to fly over another car. The boy was hit and flew in the air approximately 10 feet, where he landed in a neighbor’s yard. It took more than 15 minutes for ambulance to arrive. Sac PD prevented the boy’s mother, who was on the scene from seeing her son irrespective of his serious injuries. The injured boy was even handcuffed, although it was obvious that he was not able to move.


Reports from his family on the scene are that the 16 year old has suffered a broken back and he is awaiting transport from the hospital to Sacramento’s Juvenile Hall detention center. He will not be permitted one night in the hospital, even with a broken back. The family is extremely concerned about the severity of his injuries, but Sac PD seems to not care that he will be in need of medical treatment. The family of the boy described the incident as unnecessary and that during the chase the officer never got out of his vehicle. The vehicle was so damaged that it had to be removed by a tow truck. After the incident, Sac PD staged a line of police officers to face a growing, angry crowd, while investigators gathered information for their report.

Sac PD held a Press Conference away from the scene and lied describing the boy’s injuries as minor. Sac PD then lined their police vehicles up in an attempt to prevent the public from viewing the scene.

BLM Sacramento arrived on the scene to video document after having heard about the incident via a Twitter post from @BenDeciFox40 at 11:21pm. In an effort to have Alternatives to the Police, BLM Sacramento is intentional on showing up when abuse happens in the community, as trained First Responders and Cop Watchers. Tonight the resources of this city were in the “over policed” Del Paso Heights, as there were at least 20 police vehicles on the scene. Shortly before 2am, Sac PD completed their on scene investigation, removed the yellow tape and cleared the block of Eleanor Ave.


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