Press Statement Regarding Faison v. Jones Lawsuit Settlement



Tanya Faison, Black Lives Sacramento
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Press Statement Regarding Faison v. Jones Lawsuit Settlement

Tanya Faison, founder of Black Lives Matter Sacramento made the following statement:

“I am happy with the outcome, and that Scott decided to settle. Hopefully this experience prevents others from having their constitutional rights violated by elected officials. Particularly by  those elected to uphold the law.

Scott referred to this dollar amount as a “nuisance” and he let that be the reason he settled. This is a perfect example of his lack of regard for his constituents, who constantly foot the bill of every single lawsuit he has settled on, including this one. Scott did not foot the bill, the County taxpayers did, and the total amount of settlement was $152,000, including the attorney’s fees. This was about our rights according to the constitution. We didn’t expect any dollar amount. What we do expect is to have our rights respected, every time we interact with law enforcement and our elected officials.

Hopefully when he is out of office, this won’t be such a common issue.”

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