Open to Letter to Sacramento (and beyond)

I got a lot of people I associate with that have faith in the processes. They have faith in the system.
- Some of them have faith in good police
- Some of them have faith in people being good
- Some have faith in people that make laws
- Some of them work at the Capitol and wreck themselves trying to make change from with in
- Some have faith in Black folks in the system
I always say its gonna take all of our methods to make this shit crack
But after they announced that the DOJ is not finding fault in the officers that murdered Stephon Clark, I want you all that have faith in all these look at this shit for what it is.
- There are humans on the police force. All humans do good and bad things. Put power in their hands and then the dynamics change. When this happens with most of them then we have a CULTURE! Love, and hugs, and people picking and choosing when they want to be good and when they want to be not going to save BLACK people. We dont have time! We are being terrorized now!
- We have seen what they have done with the legislation... a decent bill comes out. A bill that covers what we need but only in inches. Then it gets chopped up to appease THE VERY PEOPLE KILLING US. This defeats the purpose. Why even go through the trouble of making a bill if it ISN'T DOING ANYTHING DIFFERENT! #AB392 Yet you all rally around it and fight for it just to say you got a win. Since then Black folks are still being murdered by police.
- I love love love my intelligent brilliant beautiful folks that are in those evil ass walls of the State Capitol....working so hard and so stressed out trying to do multiple things...influence electeds and motivate the people to engage. Don't die doing this family! The CULTURE is thick and you alone, or even you and 10 other staff...cant make the change in those walls in the time that you want to see it. We have been doing this for decades already. Other people before you, were you.
- Lastly all skin folks ain't kin folk, and even when they are...being in office is being handed a scrap. Being appointed to a position is being given a scrap. And in most cases, while you make them look good and "equal." Even Obama was only given so much rope. Even when you have a seat at that table, it is mostly to thank them for the seat or do as they say. They dont value Black minds, bodies, and power.
This is what its going to take
- its going to take education of our people while at the same time fighting this system from every angle
- Its going to take resources, and all of us have them. Whether we do child care or brain surgery, we all bring something to the table that can be used as a resource to our communities. Whether you are a person of color or an ally.
- Its going to take protection of our communities. protection physically and legislatively. We need to be informed on everything that goes on that impacts us or those that look like us, and we need to raise hell when we oppose it. When it hurts us.
- Its going to take enough unity to do this work without the fucking egos and competition. WE ARE DYING AND YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT WHO IS WORKING WITH WHO TO BRING ABOUT BLACK LIBERATION...YOU SERIOUS FAM?
- Its going to take organization. We need to have our ducks in a row. We need to have it ready. They need to know what we expect and what we demand. They need to know they will not have our support if they do not carry those things out. They work for us. They are not stars and we are not impressed.
Get from behind the podium and get to fucking work...we are dying and being terrorized and it ain't going to stop with how we are moving now.
- Tanya Faison, Founder of Black Lives Matter Sacramento

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