Mayor Steinberg, Do Better!

This is Tanya. Thursday evening close to 10pm, Councilmember Rick Jennings (Greenhaven is his district) texted me and asked if we could talk on the phone. I felt it was too late so I told him no but we could talk tomorrow (Friday, day of event we had). We agreed to talk at 1pm.
When we talked there was a lot of probing for details of our event that they thought might not have been included in the event details.
There were attempts at putting fear in me by telling me that he had to talk neighbors down from getting their guns and coming outside for us.
There was a discussion about the changes that need to happen.
Then there was an ask if the council member could join us.
I specifically said he could come out but he cannot be centered, there will not be any photo ops, no walking around shaking hands. That he needs to blend in and be supportive.
Then he asked can the Mayor come out. My response was "Absolutely not." Then I went on to say that our mayor is a huge part of the problem. This was just days after the photo op of him kneeling with the cheif.
This is the same Mayor that has called the Black community names when calling out police violence.
This is the same mayor that has turned his back and walked out on us in council chambers.
This is the same mayor that defends "his police department" over the lives of those they have taken...and very vocally.
This is the same mayor that when knowing a mother of someone his police murdered, wants to be heard at his council meetings, he leaves and her voice is never heard.
This is the same mayor that has walked out livid because of profanities, or because of people clapping for the folks speaking out against him.
Not once has this mayor showed one ounce of genuine care for our community.
He has tokenized our leaders offering them support if they support him and the measures he wants to pass. Pitting Black folks against Black folks. Calling on Black folks to get other Black folks. He has been disrespectful and enraged in private conversations with our leaders when they dont get on board with his needs...even going as far as to denounce them and withdraw any future support.
Our Mayor just sat with the SacBee and flat out lied. Said he didn't come to our event because he didn't want it to be about him and center himself.
No, you didn't come cause you weren't welcomed.
No, you didn't come because we were not going to let you co-opt our protest for a photo-op.
Shame on you Mayor Steinberg.
Over 2000 people show up to your door and you still dont get it! Do better!

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