List of Demands for Adriene Ludd

Black Lives Matter Sacramento

Official Demands Regarding the Murder of Adriene Ludd

These are our demands:

I. We need the Sacramento Sheriff Department to give the Ludd family the 
-Police Report
-Autopsy Report
-And the names of the officers involved in the shooting of Adriene Ludd

II. We need the Sacramento Sheriff Department to release the dash-cam footage and for every officer to wear body cams. The body cameras should be required to be on, and footage should be public record.

III. We need the new Inspector General, Rick Braziel, to conduct a complete and honest investigation into the murder of Adriene Ludd.

IV. We need the Sacramento Sheriff and Sacramento Police Department, to implement a procedure that complies with AB953.

We need to know how it will be implemented.

We need to know when it will be implemented.


(AB953 Does the following according to the ACLU

  • Update California’s definition of racial and identity profiling to be in line with federal recommendations by including other demographic characteristics, such as gender and sexual orientation.

  • Require that California law enforcement agencies uniformly collect and report data on stops, frisks, and other interactions with the communities they serve.

  • Establish an advisory board to analyze stop data and develop recommendations to address problems with disparate policing where they exist.)

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