Happy MFN New Year! 2023 has the Highest Number of Police Murdering People!

A few weeks ago we sent out an email informing folks that a Black woman named Niani Finlayson was murdered by the L.A. Sheriff department in December. In that same email we mentioned how there have been numbers of deaths at the hands of police lately,  but for some reason we have all been carrying on as if nothing is happening.

We haven't seen too many marches, and in order to find out the names of people being killed...we have to go digging for them.

It's not just our fault though, the media is not sharing these stories. They are not speaking to these families. The media seems to be more engaged when there is misinformation being spread about Black organizations, then they are in actual human lives being taken. 

The media's role is amplifying our stories. 
Protesting and marching plays a role in getting information to the people and eventually the media. 
The people's role is to show up in large numbers so that the media shows up, the powers that be hear our demands, and so that we get justice for families that are mourning the lives of their loved ones. 

An article came out in The Guardian on January 8th that said 1,232 people were killed by police in 2023. More then any number of any other year on record. It also said that per the numbers, police are killing 3 people a day. With Black folks being killed 2.6 more times then white folks. 

This is infuriating and unacceptable. 

Image Courtesy of New York TimesImage Courtesy of New York Times

"High-profile 2023 cases included the fatal beating of Tyre Nichols in Memphis; the tasing of Keenan Anderson in Los Angeles; and the shooting in Lancaster, California, of Niani Finlayson, who had called 911 for help over domestic violence. There were hundreds more who garnered little attention, including Ricky Cobb, shot by a Minnesota trooper after he was pulled over for a tail light violationTahmon Kenneth Wilson, unarmed and shot outside a Bay Area cannabis dispensary; and Isidra Clara Castillo, killed when police in Amarillo, Texas, fired at someone else in the same car as her."

Another article came out on January 1st in the New York Times stating that more officers are being charged but juries aren't convicting officers.

We need to see changes.
We need to remember that our community is not minimized to a neighborhood or city, we are one big community that is having the same experiences in every city, every state, and in every country.

So we have a question for you.
What are the ways in which you can fight?
What are the ways in which you can give? Whether its your expertise in a skillset, your feet on these streets, or financially fund the movement.

Reply to this email and tell us what can be your contribution to this fight. [email protected]
We need all hands on deck.



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