Demands for the Terrorizing and Abuse of the Macon Family

On April 27th, Caleb Macon, LaShaun Macon, and their daughter, were pulled over by the Sacramento Police Department, accused of speeding after turning right at a stop sign.

After being pulled over by Officer Mustafa Mohammad, several officers were called. Officer has a history of harassing this family, especially Caleb Macon.

During this stop Caleb Macon was physically abused and then arrested for "resisting arrest." LaShaun Macon was told to shut up several times and then she was physically beaten and detained. Calebs brother also experienced excessive force and was detained, and their young daughter was detained and traumatized. Other young children there who witnessed the incident, were also traumatized. (video below).

Black Lives Matter Sacramento was recently made aware of this terrorism and have demands.

- We demand all audio and video of the incident that took place on April 27th 2018, when Caleb Macon and family were pulled over for speeding, and Caleb was arrested for “resisting arrest,” where Lashaun Royal was taken to the ground, hair pulled out and a concussion and threatened by police to involve CPS, and where their daughter was traumatized while witnessing the violence on her family.

- We demand all video and audio from the Sacramento Sheriff’s department’s officers and helicopter.

- We demand that the family is given all names of officers involved.

- We demand that the Sacramento Police Department stop terrorizing Black families that have members that are on, or have been on  parole or probation

- We demand that the Sacramento Police Department stop using infraction and misdemeanor stops to criminalize Black community that are in, and outside, predominately Black neighborhoods. Officers found to have engaged in abusive behavior towards Black people in the community they patrol should be immediately removed and barred from any further engagement in that community.

- We demand charges be dropped for “resisting arrest” when an original arrest was never warranted , this is a violation of Caleb’s civil rights

- We demand that SacPD officers remain professional during interactions with the communities they police. Stop using abusive language and tactics toward Black community members and when officers engaging in predatory behavior that is clearly without legal cause, that they be sanctioned

- We demand officers stop using retaliatory methods that intentionally keep Black community members in control of, and beholden to, the current criminal system….

- Lastly, when abuse and trauma has been inflicted on the members of families, particularly children, compensation should be provided for mental health treatment either directly funded by the Police Department or the City of Sacramento.






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