Demands for the Mayor and Council of Sacramento



  • We call for the Sacramento City Council to Stand in Solidarity with the Community of Minneapolis, Minnesota and call for an immediate disbanding of the Police
  • This include reallocating the 10 million in Measure U funds for the police department and allocating all Measure U funds back to the community for real community improvements like those that were outlined in Measure G in which this council failed to support a mere 2.5% reallocation of the city budget to schools and programs that support children but instead remained steadfast in its continued investment in police and the brutality and violence that is enacts on our communities.
  • We call for an immediate reallocation of funds from the police department into the communities which have been over policed. These immediate reallocations should follow the 2.5% budget allocation that was recommended in measure G.
  • We call for an immediate change to the city charter so that the city manager, an unelected official, is no longer in charge of termination of police officers and that responsibility be aligned with the Sacramento Mayor and Council.
  • We call for the immediate removal of the current city manager of Sacramento for taking no action in the face of police brutality including but not limited to the death of Joseph Mann, Darrell Richards, and Stephon Clark.
  • We demand a change to the hiring practices of police officers in the city of Sacramento that will prevent the city of Sacramento from hiring any officers that have a previous record of misconduct.
  • We call for an immediate and formal rescinding of any endorsements for District Attorney Ann Marie Schubert for lack of seeking justice surrounding police brutality in the city of Sacramento.
  • We demand that the current police commission be disbanded and an immediate creation of a police oversight commission is created. This commission should no longer be used as a tool of the police department to seek diversity to policing when we know that it is policing itself that is the issue. Community Members getting murdered by black police officers is not the answer that the community is looking for. We demand to have a commission that is modeled off of the police oversight commission in Oakland and Berkeley that have complete authority to investigate police misconduct up to, and including 100% subpoena power for all documentation including police personal files. This Police Oversight commission will hold complete authority for disciplinary action up to and including the ability to terminate police officers.
    At the end of the results of any police oversight commission investigation the final determination of action will be provided to the Mayor of Sacramento who will execute the recommendation of the police oversight commission upto and including termination of police officers who have been found engaging in police brutality or other measure of misconduct.
  • We demand that an equity stake be present on the police oversight commission meaning that at least %50 of the police oversight commission be made up of black people who have been historically oppressed by the policing department with an emphasis of black fems occupying the 50% of black people representation on the Police Oversight Commission.
  • We Demand that there be no police presence on the police oversight commission including but not limited to current or active police officers, those who were former police officers, those that have lobbied or advocated on behalf of police officers as well as those who have negotiated on behalf of police unions or any such body affiliated with the police department.
  • We demand that individuals on this council beheld responsible for the ways the have not taken action or contributed to police brutality in the City of Sacramento that includes but is not limited to in ways that the council has walked out on the community during public comment and or any other such agendized items that has been placed before the council surrounding police brutality in Sacramento. This includes not allowing a mother whoms family member was murder by the Sacramento Police Department to speak due to council walking out of chambers. As well as actions taken by individuals members of the council with the support of the council to award and or provide medals to officers who have been involved in police brutality including the murder of black members of the Sacramento Community.
  • We demand that this police oversight commission reopen and re investigate all police involved shootings that resulted in the death of members of the Sacramento Community and those that did not result in the death of Sacramento Community members.
  • We demand that the new police oversight commission have full subpoena power to re-investigate the police involvement in the death of community members in Sacramento and all instances of police violence.
  • We demand that at the completion of these investigations that the recommendation for disciplinary action up to and including the immediate termination of police officers involved in the killing of community members in Sacramento or engaging in any police brutality against members of the city be delivered to the the Mayor and under the aforementioned new alignment of police disciplinary action aligning under the Elected Official of Mayor of Sacramento that the Mayor execute order to complete all disciplinary action recommended by the Police Oversight Commission.
  • We demand that there be an official apology issued to Dazion Flenaugh’s Family and the community at large for awarding the officers for killing Dazion.
  • We demand an immediate stop of police using tear gas as a form of violence against unarmed protestors. Use of tear gas in warfare, as with all other chemical weapons, was prohibited by the Geneva Protocol of 1925: it prohibited the use of "asphyxiating gas, or any other kind of gas, liquids, substances or similar materials", a treaty that most states have signed. It is absolutely antithetical to have tear gas deployed as a means of police brutality during a peaceful demonstration about police brutality as It shows a systemic president of police violence against unarmed people and it must be immediately stopped.
  • We demand that the Sacramento City Council immediately set forth the policies and restrictions of police and other law enforcement agencies called in to assist with demonstration to restrict the use the police and other law enforcement agencies of such things as rubber projectiles, tear gas, flash bang grenades, pepper balls, and pepper spray to be used against peaceful protests and or looters as pursuant to US District Court Judge R. Brookes Jackson Ruling in Denver. That prohibits the use of such force which would have prevented the harm that came to the community from the police use of these weapons out of police including but not limited a local activist that was shot in the head and torso with a tear gas canister and rubber bullets resulting in this activist having to have reconstructive surgery. A youth was shot in the face with the rubber bullet by the Sacramento County Sheriff at point blank range that resulted in severe head trauma. A woman was shot on 21st and J with a rubber projectile that resulted in her permanent loss of vision. As well as a National Lawyer Guild Observer who suffered severe head trauma as a result of being shot in the head with a rubber projectile by police while filming a demonstration. Sacramento adoption of US District Court Judge R. Brookes Jackson Ruling would have preventing our community members from experiencing such violence at the hands of the police while simply engaging in their first amendment rights.
  • We demand that the Police Gang Unit be disbanded as this unit is nothing more than a way of racially profiling black and brown members of the community which often leads to continued harassment of black members of the community.
  • We demand that disbandment of the police navigator unit attached to the homelessness budget. It is clear that this is not a necessary role for the police to play nor is it appropriate to criminalize homeless folks making their only pathway to housing to interact with the very people who criminalize them.
  • We demand that the city council accept and take accountability for these demands which have been requested by the community as the correct solution to address police brutality. Without accountability of past actions, the ability for an elected official to hold police accountable, and the community to hold account for oversight of policing process including accountability all other action will fail.

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