Demands for City Council Regarding SacPD's Murder of Dazion Flenaugh

On April 8th Sacramento Police came into contact with Dazion Flenaugh. One Sacramento police officer made extremely careless choices, and created an unnecessary situation that lead to Dazions death.

Not once has this city council discussed the killing of this unarmed Black man.
Not once has his name been on the agenda.
Not once has the city ensured that his families voice was heard or that this incident was treated like Dazions life mattered..


We have some demands

I. We demand the name of the officer that illegally detained Dazion, and the names of the officers that emptied their guns at Dazion for having an "aggressive stance."

II. We demand a copy of Dazion's police report and autopsy report. The family still hasn't received them.

III. Our Sacramento Community Police Commission needs the power to subpoena information, and do a complete civilian investigation of this incident. with all resources that are needed, to be provided.

IV. The officer that illegally detained Dazion, needs to be relieved of duty permanently. His careless decisions cost someone's life. 
The three officers that emptied their guns need to be relieved of duty because they so easily fear for their lives and it is killing us.

V. City council needs make it officially a part of their agenda when someone loses their lives at the hand of our public servants.

Two months is too long to carry on with council meetings and ignoring the dire needs of this city. If our police can make their voices heard and ask for handouts, then the citizens of this city need to be taken equally as serious.

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