Demands for Antonio Thomas

On December 23rd 2019 at 11am the family and Black Lives Matter Sacramento held a press conference to speak with the media about Antonio Thomas being found unresponsive in the Sacramento County Jail no more than 2 days after his arrest.

Media at Antonio Thomas Press Conference


12/7-12/8 - Antonio Thomas was arrested by Citrus Heights Police Department and brought to jail (we dont know the actual date because Sac Sheriff and CHPD is not giving us any information and Antonio's info has been wiped from the Sacramento County Jail website)

12/9/19 - We are assuming this is the day the Sacramento Sheriff Department found Antonio unresponsive in the Jail.

12/9/19 - In the morning at 10 am (according to the hospital) Antonio was brought to the hospital with no brain activity and in a coma.

12/10/19 - The Sacramento Police Department drove all the way to another jurisdiction (Citrus Heights) to tell Antonio's mother that he was at UC Davis and that she should go see him. This was after telling her on the phone that no one is hurt and not to worry.

12/10/19 - Present - Antonio's mother and family have not left his side in ICU. Not one law enforcement agency involved has provided her any information, video, calls, nothing...

We brought this to the attention of the community through media...





Demands for Antonio Thomas

I. The family of Antonio Thomas, Black Lives Matter Sacramento, and the greater Sacramento community need all video that shows the incident that put Antonio Thomas in a coma.

II. The family of Antonio Thomas, Black Lives Matter Sacramento, and the greater Sacramento community need the names of all officers and/or inmates involved in the discovery of Antonio being found unresponsive. And who gave directives for SacPD to notify this family who was outside of the city police jurisdiction.

III. If this act was carried out by deputies, we need these deputies removed from the Sacramento County Jail and terminated from the Sacramento Sheriff Department. These deputies are not safe for our community.

IV. Lastly, the Sacramento County Jail has a documented history of neglect, abuse, death, torture, and unlivable conditions. We need the Board of Supervisors to create a community led commission that overseas reports of misconduct and abuse, with the power to enact repercussions on all deputies and/or staff involved in misconduct, abuse, and murder. 



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