9 People Dead, 3 Beaten, 1 Burned

Since October of 2015, (32 months ago) law enforcement has killed 9 Sacramentans.

Mathematically that's 1 person every 3.5 months.

How many need to be killed before we do something other than watch the video and act sad and helpless?

Yes I am calling you out, not in.

Where are you?!!


June 6th, Brandon Smith was murdered by the Sacramento Police Department.



It hasn't even been 3 months since the murder of Stephon Clark by SacPD.

We haven't even been told that the investigation is complete yet, and SacPD continues to kill us unapologetically. 

All that bridge building and those faux community "efforts" are just one big side show. 

SacPD doesn't care about Black people, even with a "Black" chief. 


Brandon Smith was taken to his probation officer for rehab housing and he was in perfect condition. An hour later his mother was called and told to come and bring him his cigarettes. His mother brought him his cigarettes, and he was still in a perfect state of mind. He was standing outside waiting for her. She hugged him and told him she loved him and left. Two hours after that she got a call from his probation officer telling her that he was dead. His mother was told she can come and see him at the hospital. His mother sat in that hospital for hours and no one let her see her son. Up until our press conference on Wednesday, the family had not received any answers, videos, phone calls, nada! On Tuesday night after Brandon's brother Brionne gave a very moving public comment at the city council meeting, Chief Hahn told Brionne that the family would be able to view the video. Hahn said that he would be present. 1:30pm came the next day and the family saw the video but the chief wasn't present. The family now has more questions than answers. 

(Warning: This video is graphic and shows police violence and abuse of a Black man)


After watching the video...what happened prior to SacPD picking him up? Where is that video? Why are officers speaking to him abusively? Why is it okay for them to throw a man who is obviously in pain, into a wagon hitting his head? Did you see his feet twitch after his head was hit? Did you hear him screaming in pain in the back of the wagon? Why were they ignoring his cries?

So what are we going to do? What will it take to get the community active? How many more of us do they need to kill until we do something? Anything? 



The most effective changes that have been made so far in this city came from protest. 

I am going to say that one more time. The most effective changes that have been made so far in this city came from protest.

So many people that don't do anything to contribute to any work against police violence often say that protest is ineffective. Folks laugh and shake their heads like hitting these streets for Black lives is beneath them. I beg to differ. When the people gathered and took to the streets, shut down a freeway, and then shut down a kings game; change couldnta came any quicker. Politicians authored bills inspired by our protest (AB 931, SB 1241, SB 1303). Build Black, a coalition of various leaders and organizations in Sacramento, was created out of this moment. Their goal is to focus on reparations for the Black community through investing in Black neighborhoods and businesses, health equity, Black youth, and justice/policing in Black communities. The Sacramento Kings, effected by the power of the people shutting down of their Golden 1 Center, agreed to a plan to aggressively undo what has been done to Black communities. National and international media finally paid attention to the atrocities that have been going on in our city, putting Sacramento on the radar. 


We have been at the DA's office for the last 12 weeks. We are going on to week 13 now and will be there Tuesday afternoon, demanding charges for the officers that murdered Stephon Clark.


Here is where you can get active


Please keep a look out for our Facebook events page, we will def have more events on Thursday 6/21, Monday 6/25, and Tuesday 6/26 (they just haven't been announced yet).


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