West Sacramento Disproportionate Arrest Reports

This is just an informative update on some of the work we are doing, stats we are following, and accountability we are trying to take..

As you know all the cities in California are on lock down. For that reason most govt business is being conducted from cameras in homes. Virtually. 

We decided to look at the agenda of the West Sacramento City Council meeting and it turns out that the May 20, 2020 meeting had an agenda item (#7) that was a report on "21st Century Policing." 

The fact that they have a quarterly report is a good thing. Whats even greater is that the demographics of this council is representative of the demographics of its population. 
We will see how that pans out tho..

Well here is the PDF to the report: https://blob.cityofwestsacramento.org/civica/filebank/blobdload.asp?BlobID=17615

And here was my emailed public comment: 



Read further for the response...

Here are the stats of arrests:


Here is a video clip of their response...we will continue to stay up to date with the numbers and pressure this council to create more accountability if what they are suggesting doesn't work.



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