On November 30th 2018, Black Lives Matter Sacramento heard and saw several Sacramento Police Department vehicles speed past with sirens and lights on.

Black Lives Matter Sacramento listened to police scanners to learn that police were in pursuit of a Black adult male hiding in various back yards in the Meadowview neighborhood on streets Putnam Way and Cranston Way. 6 police vehicles upon arrival.


live video of incident:

When a member of Black Lives Matter Sacramento arrived, 3 Sacramento Police officers had 9 mm guns drawn on homes where they thought the suspect was hiding. A white female officer with blonde hair, a white male police officer with blonde hair, and another white male police officer with brown hair. Officers had not yet used less lethal forms of force as their policy requires.

Within the half hour, 6 of us were out observing the police as they pursued their “suspect.”

After ordering the officers to follow policy and utilize less lethal forms of force, officers put away the 9 mm’s they had aimed at homes of innocent people, and pulled out bean bag guns instead. (please see video for visual of situation)

After approximately 25 minutes the Sacramento Police Department helicopter announced to “people on the ground” (us) that the suspect was in custody. 3 of us watching the police continued to watch on Cranston way between Putnam way and Stratford way. As Cranston way cleared of police vehicles, officers claimed to be looking for the suspects cell phone. On the police scanner officers claimed the “suspect” had a large object. Officers in direct proximity to cop watchers said they were just “surveying” the neighborhood and had the suspect in custody. (Officer C. Lakin and Officer J. Brown were the names of officers who communicated on Cranston.)

Cop Watchers saw more lights on Putnam way, where it was parallel to Cranston and continued to walk to that area. Upon arrival there were several police vehicles. There was the “suspect” being arrested by several officers. After the arrest and the departure of the “suspect,” officers continued to look for the “suspects” cell phone. (Officer Bradley communicated with watchers on Putnam). Black Lives Matter Sacramento prevented the death of another Black male by

- Watching the police.
- By reminding the police of their less lethal forms of force policy. (guns were put away after reminded)
- By remaining on the scene through out the incident until the “suspect” had been removed from the scene.)

The “suspect” admitted to officers that he was hiding because he was scared. We are unsure of the original reason for the pursuit of this young Black man but we know he was in a collision and did not “hit and run.”
We know that the “suspect” was hiding in a garbage can when he was found and repeatedly told officers that he was in fear of his life. “Suspect” may need medical attention after being in a vehicle collision, and did not get medical care at the scene.

- end -

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