On This Day: Justice for Dazion Flenaugh

Dazion Flenaugh was a sunchild and a peaceful soul who did not deserve to be unjustly taken from his family and loved ones by the Sacramento Police Department.  Dazion was walking and became disoriented and lost.  Police were called and instead of assisting Dazion who was in the middle of a mental health crisis, Dazion was illegally detained even though he had committed no crime. 

After being placed in the back of a police car, Dazion was made fun of and agitated by the Sacramento police during his mental health crisis.  After being agitated instead of waiting until Dazion was calm or calling for medical assistance.  Dazion was released from the back of the police car and was chased and hunted throughout the neighborhood and ultimately murdered by the Sacramento Police. 

Instead of having the murder of Dazion Flenaugh by Sacramento Police department be a reflective moment for change in Sacramento Mayor Darrel  Steinberg awarded the two officers who murdered Dazion. Dazion was a beautify sunchild who should still be with us.  Rest in Power Dazion Flenaugh  

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