Demands for the Rancho Cordova Police Department Regarding the Beating of a 14 y/o Boy

On April 27th 202 Rancho Cordova police Officer Brian Fowell beat a 14 yo boy for an adult buying him a Swisher cigar. Fowell punched the boy several times, held his face to the ground and to the curb by his neck, and twisted his arms around as if he was trying to break them.

Black Lives Matter Sacramento will be fighting for this family to get justice.

Video of the incident



Here are our demands:

Demands for Rancho Cordova Police Department:


  • We demand all audio and video of the incident that took place on April 27th, 2020 be released publicly in accordance with AB 748 that went into effect on July 1, 2019.
  • We demand that officer Brian Fowell be fired immediately for using excessive force on minor
  • We demand that officer Fowell be charged with child abuse, physical assault of a minor, and child endangerment
  • We demand, in order to further protect the community from actions like these, that this officer be placed on unpaid leave pending any investigation and that he remain on unpaid leave until he is terminated 
  • We demand that the Rancho Cordova Police Department stop terrorizing children including, but not limited to, harassment, excessive force, and physical abuse. Officers found to have engaged in abusive behavior toward community members, should be immediately removed and barred from any further engagement, as an officer.
  • We demand that the Rancho Cordova Police Department remain professional with the community that they serve at all times. A skilled officer of the law has no reason to use methods such as punching, twisting limbs, and holding a child by the neck…as a form of restraint. especially on a child who is unarmed and whose size poses no threat to the officer.
  • Lastly, we demand that all mental health services needed by this boy and his family, be paid for by the Rancho Cordova police department for the abuse that was sustained by officer Brian Fowell… and to help mitigate the life long impact that this abuse and assault will have on this boy and his family for the rest of their lives.

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