Joe and Kamala will not Save ME

There is something to be said that America will return to democratic control and while many will be
relieved that the previous President Donald Trump who was unable to Denounce White Supremacy or
claimed that he did not know who David Duke was when he received a endorsement from him. There Is
no doubt the Donald Trump has empowered Racist White Supremacist to come out of the wood works
and express themselves from the White House Lawn to many city halls.
2015 at the end of President Obama’s Presidential Term we saw the escalation of white supremacist
Dylann Roof who committed mass murder in Charleston in a Black church killing 9 Black people are Bible
Study included State Senator Clementa C. Pinckney.
State Senator Clementa C Pinckney Murdered by Dylann RoofState Senator Clementa C Pinckney Murdered by Dylann Roof
The result of which was not only Dylann being taken in alive but police officer taking Dylann to Burger
King before booking him into custody.
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SacPD Terrorizing Our Youth, Again!

I'm going to have to rewind a little before I tell you what happened recently...

Remember back in June of 2019 when we told you about three 13 year old boys walking to McDonalds in the middle of the morning while talking to one of their fathers on speaker phone, getting some positive words for the day, had a gun pulled out on them by Officer Verk with the Sacramento Police Department? They described it as him "having his finger on the trigger while his hands shook." They didn't actually fit the description of the folks Verk was looking for, and this was the first time any of them had been traumatized by police. 

Full Story and Video From June 21, 2019 Here

One of the boys in particular has had to have therapy. It took a long time for him to want to go outside with his friends and just do pre-teen things. He didn't want to walk anywhere, and has slowly had to heal from that...

Well guess what happened...


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"The Black Boy and his Purple Jacket"

This piece seeks to deeply examine how much we have normalized the relationship with Black folx and death and yet the beautiful perseverance and creativity of Black folx amidst it all.


The piece is called "The Black boy and his purple jacket"...


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Public Statement Regarding Elk Grove Police Department and Officer Misty Johnson

Public Statement Regarding Elk Grove Police Department and Officer Misty Johnson

This statement is in response to the traffic stop initiated by Officer Misty Johnson on September 13, 2020, and subsequent actions taken by Elk Grove Police Department.


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Demands for the Mayor and Council of Sacramento



  • We call for the Sacramento City Council to Stand in Solidarity with the Community of Minneapolis, Minnesota and call for an immediate disbanding of the Police
  • This include reallocating the 10 million in Measure U funds for the police department and allocating all Measure U funds back to the community for real community improvements like those that were outlined in Measure G in which this council failed to support a mere 2.5% reallocation of the city budget to schools and programs that support children but instead remained steadfast in its continued investment in police and the brutality and violence that is enacts on our communities.
  • We call for an immediate reallocation of funds from the police department into the communities which have been over policed. These immediate reallocations should follow the 2.5% budget allocation that was recommended in measure G.
  • We call for an immediate change to the city charter so that the city manager, an unelected official, is no longer in charge of termination of police officers and that responsibility be aligned with the Sacramento Mayor and Council.
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Mayor Steinberg, Do Better!

This is Tanya. Thursday evening close to 10pm, Councilmember Rick Jennings (Greenhaven is his district) texted me and asked if we could talk on the phone. I felt it was too late so I told him no but we could talk tomorrow (Friday, day of event we had). We agreed to talk at 1pm.
When we talked there was a lot of probing for details of our event that they thought might not have been included in the event details.
There were attempts at putting fear in me by telling me that he had to talk neighbors down from getting their guns and coming outside for us.
There was a discussion about the changes that need to happen.
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The Symbolic Knee

Mayor Steinberg released a video and the Sacramento Bee published an article about the Mayor of Sacramento joining the protestors by taking a knee in remembrance of George Floyd who was murdered by the Minneapolis Police Department.
I have to say that I was angry and conflicted as to how the Mayor could at the same time take a knee with protestors who are taking a knee not only in solidarity with the community members of Minneapolis but also taking a knee for how powerless they have felt when it comes to confronting police brutality that has happen in our own Sacramento Community.


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Press Statement Regarding Faison v. Jones Lawsuit Settlement



Tanya Faison, Black Lives Sacramento
(916) 581-0061
[email protected]


Press Statement Regarding Faison v. Jones Lawsuit Settlement

Tanya Faison, founder of Black Lives Matter Sacramento made the following statement:

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Racial Violence During Covid

Ahmed Aubrey.   25   2/23/2020 Brunswick, Georgia

Breonna Taylor  26   3/13/2020.   Louisville KY

Jah     14    4/27/2020     Rancho Cordova, Sacramento

Isaiah Swift       23    5/2/2020    Norfolk VA

Dreasjon "Sean" Reed, 21 5/6/2020.    Indianapolis

McHale Rose, 19    5/7/2020.  Indianapolis

Adrian Medearis  5/8/2020

Christian Cooper   57.   5/25/2020  Central Park, NY

George Floyd   5/25/2020   Minneapolis, MN

Tony McDade  5/25/2020 Tallahassee, FL

Sha' Teina Grady 5/26/2020 Michigan (beaten by police)

West Sacramento Disproportionate Arrest Reports

This is just an informative update on some of the work we are doing, stats we are following, and accountability we are trying to take..

As you know all the cities in California are on lock down. For that reason most govt business is being conducted from cameras in homes. Virtually. 

We decided to look at the agenda of the West Sacramento City Council meeting and it turns out that the May 20, 2020 meeting had an agenda item (#7) that was a report on "21st Century Policing." 

The fact that they have a quarterly report is a good thing. Whats even greater is that the demographics of this council is representative of the demographics of its population. 
We will see how that pans out tho..

Well here is the PDF to the report:

And here was my emailed public comment: 



Read further for the response...

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