On This Day: Justice For Gabby Nevarez

Gabby Nevarez's life was stolen from her and those that love her, on March 2nd 2014. 

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On This Day: Justice For Lorenzo Cruz

(Update: 2/17/2021 4:30pm: While citing the sources for this article, it appears that the Rocklin Police Department removed the audio records from the internet. Will pursue these recordings and update once they are re-released)


On February 25th 2017, Lorenzo Cruz was taken from his family allegedly by the Rocklin Police Department. We say “allegedly” because a lot of the facts are still unclear and the story has changed numerous times. 


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Demands for Kershawn Geyger

On January 15th 2021, the Sacramento Sheriff Department's Gang Suppression Unit murdered Kershawn Geyger. In the information coming from the Sheriff department, an officer was also shot but in good condition and released. The Sheriff department never stated that Kershawn had a gun or that an officer was shot by the victim or his passenger. Something they would have made sure to do if this was in fact true. The department only gave info that implied this. 

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I’m About to LOOSE my SH*T!

As I scroll through the mangerie of social media, I find that I’m filled with a roller coaster of emotions. Be it laughter and a smile from Black boy/girl joy and magic videos, or ponderment as to how people are seemingly living as per usual in these trying times. So on the one hand as I’m presented with this Black magical joy… but contemplation, I’m overwhelmingly filled with sadness and anger (and more so NOW, than ever)! Like when I read another White male domestic terrorist is treated as though his bombing act was benign. To only then read, yet another Black man “fits the description”; and is hand cuffed in front of his children while eating lunch at the mall. Then unjustly escorted outside, to be told later that he wasn't the one. WTF?!

Police unjustly detaining Jamar Mackey. Lynnhaven Mall, Virginia Beach

Police unjustly detaining Jamar Mackey. Lynnhaven Mall, Virginia Beach

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Black Lives Matter Sacramento Statement in Response to the November 27th, 2020 Shooting at Arden Fair Mall.

Public Statement

Black Lives Matter Sacramento releases the following statement in response to the November 27th, 2020 shooting at Arden Fair Mall.

November 30, 2020

We offer our sincere condolences to the family members of Dewayne James Jr. and Sa'Quan Reed-James. It is unconscionable that a family should have to bury their youthful loved ones this holiday season. The shooting deaths of the 19 and 17 year old were entirely preventable. We are calling on Arden Fair Mall to take ownership of its neglected duty to protect its patrons.

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Joe and Kamala will not Save ME

There is something to be said that America will return to democratic control and while many will be
relieved that the previous President Donald Trump who was unable to Denounce White Supremacy or
claimed that he did not know who David Duke was when he received a endorsement from him. There Is
no doubt the Donald Trump has empowered Racist White Supremacist to come out of the wood works
and express themselves from the White House Lawn to many city halls.
2015 at the end of President Obama’s Presidential Term we saw the escalation of white supremacist
Dylann Roof who committed mass murder in Charleston in a Black church killing 9 Black people are Bible
Study included State Senator Clementa C. Pinckney.
State Senator Clementa C Pinckney Murdered by Dylann RoofState Senator Clementa C Pinckney Murdered by Dylann Roof
The result of which was not only Dylann being taken in alive but police officer taking Dylann to Burger
King before booking him into custody.
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SacPD Terrorizing Our Youth, Again!

I'm going to have to rewind a little before I tell you what happened recently...

Remember back in June of 2019 when we told you about three 13 year old boys walking to McDonalds in the middle of the morning while talking to one of their fathers on speaker phone, getting some positive words for the day, had a gun pulled out on them by Officer Verk with the Sacramento Police Department? They described it as him "having his finger on the trigger while his hands shook." They didn't actually fit the description of the folks Verk was looking for, and this was the first time any of them had been traumatized by police. 

Full Story and Video From June 21, 2019 Here

One of the boys in particular has had to have therapy. It took a long time for him to want to go outside with his friends and just do pre-teen things. He didn't want to walk anywhere, and has slowly had to heal from that...

Well guess what happened...


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"The Black Boy and his Purple Jacket"

This piece seeks to deeply examine how much we have normalized the relationship with Black folx and death and yet the beautiful perseverance and creativity of Black folx amidst it all.


The piece is called "The Black boy and his purple jacket"...


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Public Statement Regarding Elk Grove Police Department and Officer Misty Johnson

Public Statement Regarding Elk Grove Police Department and Officer Misty Johnson

This statement is in response to the traffic stop initiated by Officer Misty Johnson on September 13, 2020, and subsequent actions taken by Elk Grove Police Department.


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Demands for the Mayor and Council of Sacramento



  • We call for the Sacramento City Council to Stand in Solidarity with the Community of Minneapolis, Minnesota and call for an immediate disbanding of the Police
  • This include reallocating the 10 million in Measure U funds for the police department and allocating all Measure U funds back to the community for real community improvements like those that were outlined in Measure G in which this council failed to support a mere 2.5% reallocation of the city budget to schools and programs that support children but instead remained steadfast in its continued investment in police and the brutality and violence that is enacts on our communities.
  • We call for an immediate reallocation of funds from the police department into the communities which have been over policed. These immediate reallocations should follow the 2.5% budget allocation that was recommended in measure G.
  • We call for an immediate change to the city charter so that the city manager, an unelected official, is no longer in charge of termination of police officers and that responsibility be aligned with the Sacramento Mayor and Council.
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