Policing Timeline - History of Policing: (PDF)

Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles: (PDF)

Police Scorecard (Sacramento got an F)

Black Gun Ownership Brochure:

Black Census:






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  • Kevin Hersman
    commented 2019-10-23 13:54:48 -0700
    So are you about rights and fairness or only your opinions

    I am made a comment based on a video I saw and only by video
    I believed the kid and the cops could have made this a lot easier but neither did then you stop me from comments

    So again is this about keeping cops right and all are equal or is this only about the black race
  • Jasmin Hollywood
    commented 2019-08-29 03:11:09 -0700
    I faced a gross Injustice with the Sacramento Family court system that is Notoriously known for being racist sexist and profiteering judges that lax oversight of child welfare. Only in White AmeriKKKa would they remove a young girl from a loving caring mother to give to the corrupt White man& his dad (the biggest criminals ever-despite Child Endangerment charges/substantial child abuse allegations of child abuse including sexual abuse allegations from CPS) because of white privilege and money. They are known to work against minorities,women of color(such as myself) and poor parents in favor of child molesters and alleged abusers. In 2016 Judge Peter McBrian awarded them custody despite substantial allegations & again in 2019 Judge Jill Talley re awarded them custody despite the dangerous conditions my ex put our child in. Obviously biased (in favor of mainstream White anglo saxon American men) and racist (Caucasians that won’t admit that racism exists). I fought a good battle & lost. I will never stop fighting for my daughter.
  • Christine
    followed this page 2018-07-10 19:47:07 -0700
  • Shawn Evans
    followed this page 2017-07-27 17:39:48 -0700

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